C'est magnifique!


   Breakfast Croissant
Light and buttery, excellent with a specially brewed cup of cafe, these breakfast croissants are the best.
Start your morning right with a bowl of home-cooked oatmeal, topped with your choice of seasonal fruit, raisins, and brown sugar.
  Variety of Quiche
Paris Bakery offers a variety of quiche - ham & cheese (guyere), spinach & broccoli, and other savory combinations.
  Fresh Yogurt and Fruit
A luscious layered combination of goodness, seasonal fruit, home made yogurt, and granola.

Fresh Fruit
Fresh, seasonal fruit, paired with a lovely roll and butter if you like.

  Continental Breakfast
A buttered petit pain, plus ham and cheese, makes this Continental Breakfast delicious.
Cream cheese, cherry, raspberry, apple, custard, apricot, and blueberry!