C'est magnifique!


These are just a few of our holiday treats, cakes, and cookies! 

   Bûche de Noël
also known as a Yule Log. Paris Bakery makes theirs with a genoise, rolled with buttercream. Choice of chocolate, praline, coffee, or Grand Marnier.

Galettes des Rois
made with pâte feuilletée (puff pastry dough) filled with an almond cream. Paris Bakery also makes them with a small porcelain figure inside, and sold with a decorative crown.


  Christmas Stollen
made with just the right amount of candied fruit and almond fillling.
  Holiday Cookles
For every holiday, we make a large variety of decorated cookies.


  Mardi Gras Cake
Made with a brioche dough and cinnamon, and decorated with whipped cream and crystalized sugar.